Smart Decision Systems for Strategy and Execution in Small Businesses
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Small Business Management Solutions

Linkedbiz Labs designs and customizes agile  
systems for strategy management and decision-
making in
small and medium businesses.

The systems are designed to scan and monitor
end-to-end business performance and execute
real-time strategy adjustments in response to
changing business conditions.

Linkedbiz Labs' Enterprise Management Systems
are designed to integrate into a Business
Architecture that combines:
  • High-touch human interfaces,
  • Rich knowledge centers,
  • Multi-mode communication tools
  • On-demand analytics
Dynamic Strategy Management - Integrated Enterprise Knowledge
Small Business Dynamic Strategy Tools

  • Interconnected global value chains are
    vulnerable to fast changing markets

  • Small businesses face extreme risk
    exposure and need effective tools to
    manage market changes

  • Strategy adjustments need to respond
    accurately to market changes

  • Accurate responses depend on an
    integrated view of  internal activities,
    resources, and external relationships

LinkedBIZ Labs
Why Do Small Businesses Matter?

  • They are responsible for more than 40% of
    national GDP growth in most countries in
    the world

  • Small enterprises need business
    solutions that match their diversity and
    unique cultures

  • Existing enterprise solutions were built for
    large corporations and not for small
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